Generating the Two Kinds of Lag in Your Golf Swing

I'm sure you've heard how important "lag" is for your golf swing...

But did you know there are ✌️ 2 types of lag?

I'll show you how to develop both in today's video (with a little help from The Power Whip®.)

The first type of lag is the one most people know:

Maintaining the angle between your wrists and the club shaft.

But the other type has more to do with the club lagging behind you — often referred to as, "shallowing."

In today's video, I'll show you some great "feel" drills that will help you generate BOTH types of lag...

So you can get connected, set your angles, and rotate into a beautiful swing.

If you're someone who gets "steep," or you "throw" or "flip" the club...

Today's video will help you!

And if you decide to check out The Power Whip®, don't forget it's 40% off for a limited time.




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