About John Novosel, Jr.

Welcome to the Tour Tempo website.

My name is John Novosel, Jr.

I am the Co-Creator of Tour Tempo, along with my father.

Tour Tempo is the best selling book published by Doubleday, is a 5 star app for iOS, and is available for Android devices as well. In addition to Tour Tempo, I have patented or co-patented 4 swing training aids. I authored Tour Tempo Force, which hit #1 on Apple books for all sports.

I have given thousands of ’speed lessons’ to golfers of all abilities from beginners thru Major Champions. At 54 years old I can still produces swing speeds over 135 mph and ball speeds of 198 mph. My longest drive in competition is 402 yards.

I have presented my concepts on Tempo, Speed and Power around the globe including seminars with PGA Sweden, PGA Holland, PGA Germany, PGA of America, the World Golf Fitness Summit and many others.

I have certifications with TPI, SSC Golf, and my own certification program for Tour Tempo Speed Instructors.

I have a passion for coaching golfers through their own journey, especially when it comes to Speed, Fitness and enjoying the game!